Suspects in French election terror plot had multiple identities

Police investigating the two suspected ISIS supporters who were planning an attack on the eve of the French presidential election have released more details about the case.

Clement Baur, 23, and Mahiedine Merabet, 29, were arrested by anti-terror authorities on Tuesday, just hours before Marine Le Pen arrived for the final rally of her campaign.

Investigators have announced that the pair had multiple identities, swapped mobile phones frequently and used pre-paid bank cards to evade the police.

It has also been confirmed that police found a loaded sub-machine gun, two pistols, and various explosives.

It is believed the pair were radicalised after sharing a cell together in Lille. Baur had been convicted of using false identity documents, whereas Merabet had been sentenced for aggregated theft and drug dealing.

Only one presidential candidate has the guts to tackle this problem, and an overwhelming number of the Gendarmerie support her