Surge of European investment into Brexit Britain

Investors from across Europe have stepped up investment into the UK over the past three years, once again busting the miserable Remainstream media anti-Brexit narrative.

Analysis from S&P Capital IQ data has shown that buyers from the EU have bought up 553 UK assets through acquisitions and mergers over the past year. European investment has more than doubled over the past few years.

Purchases in company and stakes have hit $31.1 billion. In 2017 European investment picked up 497 British assets totalling $21.2 billion and in 2016 bought up 454 assets worth $13.6 billion.

Spencer Baylin of Clifford Chance told The Telegraph that: “Brexit risk is likely to have impacted the price of certain UK assets, making them potentially more attractive. If you couple that with foreign exchange movements it makes them cheaper in real terms and foreign exchange terms.

“Beyond pure pricing, investors also have to take a view on the performance of those assets in a post-Brexit environment. Some will take the long view and invest, others will wait and see.”

This welcome news comes after the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund backed Brexit Britain moving forward. The Chief Executive of Norway’s wealth fund, Yngve Slyngstad has said: “We will continue to be significant investors in Britain. We foresee that over time our investments in the UK will increase.”

Foreign investors clearly have faith in Britain moving forward as the country prepares to leave the European Union. What a shame that so many hardline Remainer MPs are so keen to do the country down.