Stewart threatens to 'bring Boris down' if he shuts Parliament to deliver Brexit

Dark horse Conservative leadership contender, Rory Stewart, has pledged to take down Boris Johnson as Prime Minister if he prorogues Parliament to deliver Brexit on 31st October.

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The suggestion has been made that proroguing Parliament could be the way in which to deliver a WTO Brexit on 31st October. It would essentially involve ending the current parliamentary session meaning MPs could not block the UK’s exit from the EU.

Veteran Eurosceptic MP, Sir Edward Leigh, has set out how it can be done: “Solution: End this failed session immediately within hours of a new government and prorogue Parliament. Leave the EU on 31 October. If we don’t, we are betraying our supporters and ensuring a total wipe-out of the Conservative Party.”

But speaking to Sky News yesterday, Rory Stewar threatened to go nuclear: “Let’s get Boris to be straight: does he or does he not consider locking the doors of Parliament to be acceptable.

“That is an unconstitutional, improper, really disturbing suggestion that you try and get something through by locking the doors of Parliament.”

“I guarantee you if he were to try, I and every other Member of Parliament will sit across the road…and we will bring him down.”

The next Prime Minister is going to need to be made of stern stuff to take on the hardline Remainer MPs determined to block an EU exit on WTO terms. Whoever comes next will need to be significantly more determined to deliver than Theresa May was.