Steven Woolfe Becomes President Of Blue Wave, Joins Conservative Party

Steven Woolfe has today become the President of Blue Wave, a campaign initiated by the Brexit group, Leave.EU encouraging Brexiteers to join the Conservative Party.

In a press release by the campaign, Mr Woolfe said:

“Today, I applied to be a member of the Conservative Party.

“Brexit and its success is in the hands of this government.

“That is why all Brexit supporters should join the Conservative party to exert pressure both locally and nationally on Tory MPs. This government was elected on a Brexit manifesto at the last election, we need to ensure the Brexit that the 17.4m voted for is honoured.”

“It is also the right time for me to become President of the Blue Wave movement, which has already enjoyed phenomenal success over the past few weeks encouraging new members to join the Conservative Party.”

“Join me in supporting Blue Wave and make the Conservative Party conservative again”

“I will be making further announcements in the coming weeks.”

The campaign has already been a huge success with thousands of Brexiteers joining the Conservative Party in the hope of having their voices heard in any upcoming leadership election. The campaign will hope that with the addition of Steven Woolfe, even greater strides can be made in the months ahead.