Speaker Bercow refuses to pick anti-second referendum amendment

The ridiculous situation in Parliament continues, with Speaker John Bercow refusing to select an amendment calling for a second referendum to be ruled out.

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That’s despite well over 100 MPs backing the amendment, from both the Conservatives and Labour as well as the DUP. Truly cross-party.

It had read: “Believes that the result of the 2016 EU referendum should be respected and that a second EU referendum would be divisive and expensive and therefore should not take place.”

Conservative MP Conor Burns has said of the amendment: “Proud to be supporting this. We had the referendum. Voting against this would be anti democratic.”

And his Tory colleague Steve Double said: “Very pleased to be a signature to this amendment today to take a 2nd Referendum off the table.”

In the end 127 MPs were backing it, more than any other selected, but Bercow has chosen not to call it. What the hell is going on in Westminster right now?

The Sun’s Tom Newton Dunn has noted that this ridiculous state of affairs could spark a “riot” from MPs.

A Remainer Parliament increasingly out of touch with the rest of the country.