Spanish police officer: 'Government working with human traffickers to smuggle migrants into Europe'

A Westmonster investigation has found evidence that the Spanish Government has been working with human traffickers to smuggle migrants into Europe.

In an exclusive interview with Westmonster, a Spanish police officer from the Civil Guard who did not wish to show his face said: “They aren’t taking the people from the middle of the sea, they are going to the Moroccan waters because the migrants take their phones and put their coordinates to Tarifan [human] traffickers, then Tarifan traffickers call to the people of Salvamento Maritimo [Spanish Search and Rescue] and they go over there to the Moroccan seas.”

When asked if the Government in Spain is doing anything to stop this he replied: “Nothing. They know in the last winter the people of Frontex know that this summer would be a very bad summer with migrants and they [don’t] do anything.”

This is the second clip from Westmonster’s investigative report into migration routes from Morocco into Spain to be released in full tomorrow.

Yesterday we reported the violent tactics migrants use to gain access to Europe and the fact the Spanish Government have told police not to defend themselves.

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Watch the full interview with the Spanish police officer below, and watch our full report tomorrow: