Spanish border: 'Migrants use flamethrowers, excrement & acid to attack defenceless police'

In an exclusive report for Westmonster local Spanish campaigners have said how migrants use violent tactics to attack police and jump the border in a Spanish enclave in Morocco.

In recent months hundreds of migrants have attempted to jump the border in Ceuta, a Spanish city in Morocco to gain access to Europe.

Westmonster visited Ceuta and interviewed local campaigners from the new anti-mass migration party Vox, one said the migrants use “corrosive liquids, box with excrement inside to throw to the police, flamethrowers” he continued “if you see how migrants jump the fence it’s not normal people, they have military strategies.”

“The police have a direct order from the Government, please don’t use violence if anyone jumps, no problem you only try to catch [them].”

However, he explained the problem with this “if you are receiving a direct attack if anyone is throwing you acids, using knives, throwing to you excrement box you need to defend your life.”

When asked what whether he blames the Spanish Government or the EU for the recent upsurge in migration, another local campaigner said: “Both. The European Union has a big responsibility because all borders are the European borders and Pedro Sánchez [Spanish Prime Minister] has the responsibility to go to Brussels and be a leader of Spain and not a toy.”

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