Soubry insists Remoaners will keep pushing to stay in Single Market/Customs Union

Top Tory Remoaner Anna Soubry has insisted that she and colleagues are still pushing to water down Brexit and refuse to accept that the country voted to leave the Single Market and Customs Union. Talk about delusional!

The Guardian report Soubry as saying: “Because I think like a lot of people in the Tory Party and indeed Conservative voters, I think there is real concern now about the direction of travel when it comes to Brexit.”

Incredibly, despite Leave voters backing Brexit so that the UK could control its borders and negotiate global trade deals, Soubry still insists: “What that referendum did not say was how we should leave the European Union. That is what today’s debate is about. One of the great myths of that referendum was that this country also voted to leave the Single Market and the Customs Union. It did not.”

It is yet another reminder that Remoaners across the establishment parties are still pushing to water down and even kill off Brexit completely. With a vote in Parliament to come, MPs and Lords could veto the will of the people in a last ditch bid to stop Brexit.

Brexiteers must be ready…