SNP's Sturgeon to call for Brexit delay, second referendum

The poor SNP, having lost both the Scottish indy and Brexit votes, are doing all they can to rubbish the largest vote in British history in 2016. Funny that.

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Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is set to trash Brexit today and say: “The UK is not remotely prepared to leave the EU in 53 days’ time.

“The UK government should finally recognise that, and it should ask the EU to agree to put back the planned date for Brexit.”

And her proposed way forward? A second referendum of course: “The Scottish Government’s view is that this issue should be put back to the people” and a “better option is to hold a further referendum on EU membership” according to the Scottish Nationalist.

It is pretty disturbing how quickly some politicians are willing to ignore democratic votes because they haven’t gone the way they wanted. Wonder if the SNP would have been calling for a second referendum if they had won on either occasion? Thought not.