SNP MEP 'issues full apology' to Brexit Party Chairman

The Brexit Party have revealed that SNP Alyn Smith has issued “a full apology” to Party Chairman after receiving a legal letter from Richard Tice.

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Smith’s apology companies after comments made during a Sky News interview. The SNP MEP has now said: “In that interview I stated in the context of political donations that the Brexit Party is ‘a shell company that’s a money laundering front’.

“Its Chairman, Richard Tice, is concerned by implication this allegation related to him, although that was not my intention.

“Having reflected upon this following a complaint from Mr. Tice, I apologise unreservedly to him and withdraw my allegation.

“I am happy to state clearly that I do not have any evidence to support such an allegation.”

He also reveals that: “I have agreed to pay a sum in damages to the Help for Heroes chairty and I have agreed to pay legal costs.”

Richard Tice responded by saying: “I will not hesitate to take action against those who make false claims about the Brexit Party.”