Snowflake millennials brand TV show ‘Friends’ homophobic and transphobic

Friends, the iconic 90’s TV series, has become the latest thing to trigger millennials after it was recently added to Netflix – for body shaming, and homophobia…Seriously.

The series, which ended in 2004 when many of these whingers were still in nappies, has been slammed for not conforming to modern progressive standards which plague modern, politically correct TV.

Snowflakes claim the show is “homophobic” for its jokes about Ross’ ex-wife, who in the show raised a child with another woman.

The irony is, back in the 90’s, showing lesbians raising kids together on mainstream TV WAS PROGRESSIVE for its time, especially for American audiences.

Millennials also kicked off at the handling of a storyline involving Chandler’s uncomfortable relationship with his dad, a transgendered Las Vegas drag queen, which they slammed as “transphobic”.

The world’s gone mad. Westmonster never thought we’d see the day where a TV show like Friends was seen as ‘problematic’. Maybe people will have to find a ‘safe space’ while the show airs on Netflix.