Sir Bill Cash: Lords amendments cover for reversal of Brexit

Political institution Sir Bill Cash has weighed in on interference from the House of Lords, saying today’s Remoaners were just using votes in the Commons as cover for a reversal of Brexit.

The long-time Eurosceptic said: “This is just a cover for a reversal of the decision, it’s got to be said and it’s got to be said clearly and I do find it quite extraordinary that there should be some attempt to throw it back to the House of Lords so that they can then tell us, we the people who are elected by the people of this country, who themselves have been given the right to make the decision on behalf of themselves, their families and future generations.

“This is what people fought and died for, which is who governs this country.”

He’s absolutely right. This is just a thinly-veiled attempt to overturn the will of the people. That’s not democracy and anybody who stands in the way of Brexit should hang their heads in shame.

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