'Shooting on a tram' in Utrecht, three dead, suspect named

There has been a suspected terror attack in Utrecht, Netherlands with multiple people killed and others injured.

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Armed police are on the scene in the Netherlands, with several people reported injured. Three people have been killed and nine others have been injured.

Police are investigating a “possible terrorist motive”.

They said that:  “Multiple people have been injured. The surrounding area has been cordoned off and we are investigating the matter.”

A 37-year-old Turkish man, Gökman Tanis, has been named and is wanted by police.

The BBC have been told that Tanis “went to Chechenya to fight, and had been arrested and released a couple of years ago on charges of having links to ISIS”, according to journalist Ece Goksedef.

The terror threat has been raised to its highest level. Dutch military police are also on alert as they hunt for the gunman.

Earlier the police had confirmed: “It is a shooting incident in a tram. Several Trauma Heli’s have been deployed to provide help.”

A local report from Michiel Van Beers read: “The 24 October Square in Utrecht is completely deposited for a shooting in a tram. Many police in bullet-resistant vests present. Police talk about several (heavy) injured.”