'Shocking' Migration Watch tear into government's migration policy

Pro-border control Migration Watch UK ain’t exactly impressed with what the government have put on the table for a post-Brexit migration policy.

In an absolutely scathing response, they describe the decision to “admit an unlimited number of low-skilled workers” as astonishing and point out that “there is no way” the 12-month visa could be enforced to ensure migrants leave given the Home Office is currently only compulsory removing 9,000 immigration offenders each year.

They accuse the government of having surrendered to the corporate lobby, saying that: “It is shocking that the government should have caved in so completely to the demands of industry while ignoring the strong public desire to get immigration down.”

Migration Watch describe the decision to have no cap on skilled migrant workers as “very unwise” with a salary-led barometer being open to manipulation.

The Chairman of Migration Watch UK, Lord Green, has said: “These are shocking proposals which run completely against the current of public opinion and which are likely to result in even more massive levels of immigration.

“The chief winners from this White Paper will be business, as they exploit the bonanza of a huge new pool of labour from around the world while continuing to avoid their responsibility to the public to recruit and train up local talent.

“The chief losers will be young people trying to find work or to get on the housing ladder. More widely, even current levels of immigration are already a real concern for those who are worried about our increasingly overcrowded country and who wish to preserve our way of life for future generations.”

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Yesterday, Theresa May once again reiterated that it is her government’s policy to bring net migration down to the ‘tens of thousands’ net per year, a policy that has big public support. Enough talking, when will the Conservatives actually deliver on reducing numbers? Post-Brexit, there is no excuse.