'She's betrayed us!' Sarah Wollaston's constituents hit out at MP over second referendum

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In an exclusive video report in the constituency of Totnes, Westmonster interviewed constituents of Sarah Wollaston, who has called for a second EU referendum, and they were not happy.

A new campaign set up by Leave.EU has urged constituents of Totnes to join to the local Conservative Party to oust the MP. One local, Julia Ford, has done such that and told Westmonster she joined the Tories “to deselect her at the end of the day if there are enough of us, we can get her deselected. She is not doing what we want her to do and what the majority of her constituents want her to do.”

The Tory MP’s constituency voted to leave by 54% and Westmonster’s Steven Edginton visited a coastal town in her constituency called Brixham which heavily supports Brexit.

Local fisherman such as Chris Reeves told Westmonster: “How many Leave voters do you think are in favour of a second referendum?

“I think she should do the honourable thing and either set herself up for re-election or resign.”

Another ex-fisherman said: “I think she’s there for her own political aims and nothing else.”

When interviewing people on the local high street, one shopper thinks Wollaston should go back to her old job as a doctor: “I don’t agree with her being an MP. We’re short of doctors, we’ve got loads of MPs and she was doing a good job in Totnes as a doctor and she should have stuck with that.”