Sheldon Thomas: Stop blaming police, parents need to take responsibility for their kids

Rising violence on the streets of England is a “societal problem” that requires parents to take responsibility.

That’s according to Sheldon Thomas from Gangsline, who describe themselves as “a helpline & prevention service for anyone involved with gang culture”.

Speaking to Channel 5, Thoma said: “Part of this problem is parenting. Now, I’m not just blaming single mothers, I’m not just blaming absent fathers, I’m not just blaming middle class white families.

“I’m saying this is a societal problem. And unless we take responsibility for our own children’s actions whether they be the perpetrators or the victims, unless we start spending time with our kids this problem of knife and gun crime and violence and sexual exploitation is not gonna stop within the gangs.

“Because the gangs is not a police problem, its not a local authority problem, its a societal problem.”

He’s right. Instead of scapegoating an under-resourced police force, parents must take greater responsibility, especially when so many young teenagers are now being dragged into knife, gun and acid crime.