Shamima Begum 'given legal aid to fight for British citizenship'

ISIS bride Shamima Begum is now seemingly being granted legal aid in a bid by her lawyers to stop the government removing her citizenship, according to reports. What a farce.

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In a sign of how soft the UK approach is on such matters a taxpayer bill, that could run into the hundreds of thousands, will instead be ran up in a legal battle according to the Daily Mail.

Begum’s family are hiring Gareth Peirce, one of the UK’s top human rights lawyers, according to The Telegraph.

The ISIS supporter was previously quoted as saying: “When I saw my first severed head in a bin it didn’t faze me at all. It was from a captured fighter seized on the battlefield, an enemy of Islam.” She claimed that the British people should have “sympathy” towards her.

It has been alleged that Begum even helped stitch suicide bombers into explosive vests.

Conservative MP Philip Davies reacted furiously, saying: “It’s absolutely disgusting how we are funding this person who is someone who joined an organisation that wants to destroy our way of life and our country.

“How she has been allowed to sponge off taxpayers’ money to get back into a country that she hates is absolutely ridiculous.”

65% of Brits support breaking international law to make her stateless and ensure she can never return to Britain. Instead, she’ll get legal aid to fight her case. Pathetic.