Senior local Tories want Remainer MP Nick Boles deselected

There is more evidence that furious local Conservatives want MP Nick Boles deselected following his decision to oppose a No Deal Brexit, threatening to resign the party whip in order to do so.

He is now facing a deselection bid, with the local Association Chairman admitting that  “over 99%” of those who had got in touch now want him gone.

Local Tory Vice-Chairman, Councillor Adam Stokes, has told the Grantham Journal that: “The constituency voted to Leave. He’s putting some blocks in the way by agreeing with the amendments. I’m extremely disappointed he’s taking this action.

“We are going to start the selection process. I am sure it’s going to be very tough for Nick to be reselected. My own personal view is I won’t vote for reselecting him.”

Meanwhile Councillor Robert Foulkes, Chairman of Stamford Welland Conservatives, is calling for the MP to be deselected.

He pointed out to the Stamford Mercury that Tory MPs had been elected on a manifesto that No Deal is better than a bad deal, with Foulkes angry that Boles “stood on that promise and was now reneging on that”.

When the Councillor was asked directly if he believes Boles should be deselected, he confirmed “I do”.

Cllr Foulkes said that Boles had a few supporters locally but “the majority don’t agree with what he is doing”.

Thinking ahead to elections, he also made the point that: “If I was the opposition, I would say ‘Can you trust the Tories?’ If they are going to renege on it (Brexit), what can be more fundamental?

“We need to make a show where we will not have Nick Boles and deselect him and re-establish the trust with the electorate.”

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64% of Tory members prefer a No Deal Brexit to Theresa May’s deal. MPs who are doing all they can to stop the process can expect a big backlash. A WTO exit is now the mainstream Conservative view.