Scottish Fishermen: UK must become an independent coastal state

The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation has welcomed the intervention of Conservative MPs – including Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell – who have warned Theresa May against any backsliding when it comes to taking back control of Britain’s territorial waters post-Brexit.

Bertie Armstrong, Chief Executive of the SFF, has said: “We have been saying for two years that the only plausible way forward for the industry is for the UK to become an independent coastal state with the power to determine who catches what, where and when in our waters.”

He also makes clear that “there can be no link between access to our waters for EU vessels and the trade of seafood products in the EU – it contravenes all international norms and practice and is simply unacceptable in principle”.

And Armstrong concludes that “anything less than the fulfilment of those means the Sea of Opportunity will not be realised and makes ‘No Deal’ a more attractive option”.

Will Britain’s fishermen be sold out once again be a deal that fails to deliver for them?