Schulz: United States of Europe by 2025, those who resist will automatically leave EU

Germany’s lefty leader Martin Schulz has finally let the EU cat well and truly out of the bag – pushing for a full United States of Europe by 2025.

In a speech today Schulz demanded that the EU goes ahead with a federal constitution and that those who don’t go along with it would automatically leave the bloc.

He was quite clear that those who don’t sign up would be out:

It come just days after Schulz revealed that France’s President Macron has been phoning him up to keep Angela Merkel in power. Welcome to democracy, EU style. Where Brexit Britain leads, others will now follow.

Responding to the news, Nigel Farage told Westmonster: “If this is the route they are taking, it could be a very small European Union. Thank God we are leaving.”