'Schools won't have to collect pupils' country of birth', blow in fight against illegal immigration

The Department for Education wanted to check pupils’ nationalities and pass that information on to the Home Office to help clamp down on illegal immigration. Common sense? Absolutely fine? Well, apparently not, because a group of activists have seemingly convinced the government to stop doing it.

In a nutshell, the DfE would ask teachers to collect information on where pupils were from and then they would pass that onto the Home Office to help fight against illegal immigration.

The information could be used to help a child who’d just come from another country, didn’t speak a word of English and needed a translator.

But alas some group called Against Borders for Children (ABC) have put so much pressure on the government that it’s seemingly done a u-turn.

Alan Munroe, a primary school teacher and spokesperson for ABC, said: “ABC was set up just over 18 months ago to end the gathering of nationality and country of birth data on children in English schools as part of the Tory hostile environment agenda. Today that objective has been achieved, and we will be celebrating tonight.”

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Celebrating what? A victory for illegal immigration? A victory in the fight against comprehensive border security? This will only serve to encourage more illegal immigration. Britain’s gone far too soft.