Schoolchildren 'indoctrinated by left-wing teachers'

Schoolchildren are being “indoctrinated” with a “lefty way of thinking”, according to the teacher who starred in the government’s ‘I Chose to Teach’ campaign.

Calvin Robinson appeared on posters and adverts urging people to get into teaching, but now he’s lifted the lid on the “very evident” left wing bias going on in British classrooms.

He said: “Our young people are being indoctrinated to a left-wing mentality from a very young age. Pretty much throughout their entire educational career, young people are being trained into a lefty way of thinking.

“Some of the behaviour I’ve seen from teachers is outright disgusting – a very evident bias not only in their teaching practices, but in the way they present their arguments.

“I’m not talking about the obvious party political biases of ‘Labour = Good, Tory = Evil’, although that does happen, but most teachers take a less obvious approach along the lines of tolerance being a good thing, so long as you agree with their way of thinking.”

Remember when UKIP-supporting schoolboy Michael Higginson was reported to the government’s de-radicalisation programme by his “Corbynite teachers” for his right wing views?

And the left-wing bias in Britain’s education system doesn’t stop when you leave school – 8 in 10 university lecturers are lefties too, according to an Adam Smith Institute survey.

It’s completely unacceptable that a child should be told off for expressing their views simply because they’re not miniature left-wing luvvies. Schools are there to educate, not indoctrinate.