Samuels: It's time for a Turning Point in British politics

Dominique Samuels is a Brexiteer studying politics at the University of York and is a supporter of Turning Point UK.

The efforts of our society, whether it be from the upper echelons of government, to our hyper-politically correct media, in stifling the voices of the forgotten has been tolerated for too long. Brexit, although a demonstration of a cry of rebellion and demand for change from ordinary working class people, has been an increasingly difficult and infuriating process. Contempt for the people has been ill-hidden by the media and many of our politicians where Brexit is concerned, along with the motivations of 17.4 million people in voting for it.

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For me and for many others, Brexit triggered a turning point for the UK, where ideas we have constantly been told are good for us were beginning to be challenged. In 2016, that is where I began to question the narrative and these ideas. But I haven’t always been as confident espousing these beliefs, unsurprisingly as a young black northerner, because of the backlash I was sure to receive from my classmates. I too subscribed to the left-wing train of thought, whilst in the back of my mind, and privately to close friends, voicing my scepticism where the EU and our increasingly politically correct society were concerned.

Could it be, that me being sceptical of mass migration and sceptical of our establishment’s approach to key issues such as terrorism, religious fundamentalism and free speech, didn’t make me a racist? In my case, my being black and sceptical of the status quo were two irreconcilable concepts. Countless times I have had to defend my identity before defending conservative ideas and pro-Brexit sentiment.

Turning Point UK is a direct rejection of that. Birthed in the USA and founded by Charlie Kirk, this organisation has taken America by a storm, with young people increasingly less afraid to question the left’s narrative. However, the message of Candace Owens, Director of Communications for Turning Point USA, espouses a message that captured me in particular as a young black woman of mixed heritage. Questioning the left’s monopoly over black people is something increasingly important in this day and age.

Black people are assumed to be one monolithic group that must think the same and vote identically, and when black people seemingly go against the grain, their identity is attacked. I’ve seen most of this on the left and, for me, it is the biggest problem facing the black community and our society as a whole in the modern age. Words like ‘token’, famously dubbed by Labour MP Emma Dent Code in reference to Conservative London Mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey, infuriated me. And when looking at the reasons he was being attacked, it became apparent to me that something had to be done.

Addressing crime rates and the issue of single-motherhood that plagues poorer communities, particularly the black community, does not make someone an enemy of single mothers or poor people. It makes them willing to stand up and speak the truth, a truth that has seldom been spoken in fear of offending some of the insanely politically correct individuals on the left. The best way to elevate the black community is not unnecessary state intervention, but the encouragement of positive conservative values, such as the importance of the family, personal responsibility and free enterprise.

That is the message we should be hammering home, because lets not forget the amazing results birthed by the utilisation of capitalism across the globe: be it the vast improvements in global literacy and poverty, to the transformation of formerly anti-capitalist economies like China, that went from irrelevancy on the world stage to a major economic player. We can even look at the results birthed from liberalising our markets here at home post-1970, that took us from constant black-outs and rubbish on the streets, to soaring productivity, which is a major growth and job creator.

The left presents a guise of empowerment, convincing people that they are disadvantaged because of factors they cannot control, when for the most part this simply is not true. The left tell you that they are the only ones that can unlock your potential, meanwhile leaving a pitiful trail of unemployment in their wake, that pales in comparison to the over 75% employment rate we see today, with the highest rates for ethnic minorities since 2004, respectively at 65%.

But what is hilarious about the left’s supposed self-righteousness, is the fact that their concern is only really expressed when it comes to issues that align with their corrosive agenda. Can those on the ‘liberal’ left really claim to care about tolerance and equality, whilst attacking those that go against their train of thought and aggressively pushing ideas that inevitably make us all poorer?

The track record of socialism is very clear, a glaring example being Venezuela, which Labour politicians have, on the whole, failed to condemn, despite their virulent endorsement of the Venezuelan economy as a gleaming example that Britain should follow. Why is it that those that reject this collectivised, damaging way of thinking are often shunned, their voices silenced or demonised? Could it be, that the left is not as ‘liberal’ and pro-equality as it makes itself out to be?

The time is now to speak out against, challenge and question this damaging narrative that is spreading like wildfire across our great country. Blaming everything on racism, sexism and ‘Zionism’, whilst simultaneously remaining silent on the main issues that plague Britain’s most vulnerable communities is reason alone to fight back against the danger of socialism and the predominance of social Marxism that threatens the very essence of British society, customs and culture.

Nevertheless, what is important to remember where Turning Point UK is concerned, is that it doesn’t matter the colour of your skin, class or creed. If you respect British values and reject the socialist, anti-free speech narrative that threatens our way of life, you are welcome in this movement.

We are British, and it is time we started acting like it.