Samuels: Brexit Party fight back shows us Brits won't give up

Dominique Samuels is a Brexiteer studying politics at the University of York and is a supporter of Turning Point UK.

Leaving the European Union was supposed to be a fantastic opportunity for our country, one that we could grab hold of with both hands and take advantage of: signing free trade deals with the rest of the world, having real control over our own purse, being able to control our immigration policy and cater our country to those that live within it rather than putting the interests of others first.

Yet, throughout this whole process, we have seen Brexit being treated by the government as an issue that needs to be managed rather than one that should be set upon with excitement, creativity and vigour.

The Brexit Party has started off with an impressive 15% in the polls according to YouGov just days after its launch, emboldened by its Leader, Nigel Farage and his vivacious announcement of its candidates standing in the European Elections – elections that we were told we wouldn’t participate in – but with Mrs. May as our Prime Minister, it has fast become clear that when she promises one thing, it probably means the opposite is going to happen.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect on my way to Coventry on the train, where the Brexit Party officially launched with all of its new candidates, however with its constituents having turned out and backed leaving the European Union, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the public mood in that area of the country given the government’s slow-motion failure to deliver what they voted for.

Of course upon arrival there were the usual bands of anti-Brexit, anti-democracy, white protesters, screeching nearby the venue, armed with European flags, ‘say no to racism’ posters and letting us all know that ‘refugees are welcome here’ and Nigel Farage apparently isn’t. A strange view given a clear majority in Coventry voted for Brexit.

What’s more interesting, however, is that these protesters largely missed the point of the Brexit Party’s launch on Friday. The launch wasn’t about refugees or migrants.

It was really about democracy, and the fact that the party that many entrusted with delivering Brexit, is no longer intent on delivering what the people demanded in 2016, so it is time to look to a stronger, clearer, better alternative.

Democracy is why the candidates running to challenge both our incompetent government and the EU, are not only from different ethnic backgrounds, but from different political disciplines, such as Dr. Alka Sehgal Cuthbert, an MEP candidate on the left of the spectrum standing for the Brexit Party, and is doing so because she too believes in democracy.

Brexit has been a damage limitation exercise for May’s government. It feels like our own Treasury is against it, our own Civil Service, all of this being bolstered by the incessant micromanagement of Theresa May in the negotiations, installing Brexit Ministers for show, whilst ‘agreeing’ things in secret; ‘preparing’ for No Deal whilst actually undermining it, despite the fact that it was revealed we are far more prepared for a clean break from the EU than we are being told.

Worse still, it has become apparent that the sinking ship of the Conservative Party is one that May refuses to leave. Nobody really wants her there.

Conservative members are growing impatient, Councillors no longer want to run out of fear of the abuse they will receive, and lifelong Conservative voters, such as Brexit Party candidate and sister of Jacob Rees-Mogg, Annunziata Rees-Mogg, are publicly coming out in complete support of the Brexit Party, or simply not confirming whether or not they will vote Conservative in the upcoming European Elections as the Brexit can is kicked further and further down the road.

Why continue voting for and supporting politicians that take your vote for granted?

The choice is clear. It’s either continue propping up a broken two-party system that has become far too comfortable with saying what you want to hear to gain your vote, only to turn their backs on you when the going gets tough, or support something dedicated to protecting what you voted for.

As I travelled from Coventry back to Manchester, it reminded of me what being British is all about and why I am so proud to be British. We are not known for giving up so easily. The Brexit Party is not just about leaving the EU, it is giving the hidden voice of the British people a last shot at truly being heard.

So yes, one thing became apparent to me on my way back from Coventry: anybody who believes in democracy should vote for the Brexit Party in these upcoming elections. Our democracy depends upon it.