Salvini pushes through migration and security crackdown

Italian Deputy Prime Minister has continued to push for change in his country, overseeing new legislation which will boost resources for police whilst cracking down on mass migration.

The country’s lower house voted 396 to 99 in favour of the change, which will mean a new law comes into play taking out humanitarian grounds for taking in refugees. Those fleeing war or political persecution will still be allowed in, Reuters report.

As Salvini explained: “I’m willing to host women and children who are escaping from war…But all the others, no.”

“I don’t want to be seen as an idiot.”

Salvini has also knocked back the UN Migration Pact, insisting that: “Just like the Swiss, who carried forward the Global Compact up until yesterday and then said ‘everyone stop’, the Italian government will not sign anything and will not go to Marrakech.”

No wonder his Lega party are polling in first place for the European Elections next year on 33%.