Salvini offers Pakistani Christian asylum after blasphemy conviction overturned

Matteo Salvini has offered Christian Pakistani Asia Bibi asylum in Italy after a conviction against claiming she insulted the Prophet Mohammad was crushed by Pakistan’s Supreme Court.

The Italian Deputy Prime Minister has since offered Bibi asylum in his country as she faces calls from thousands in Pakistan for her to be executed.

She is now banned from leaving Pakistan in a bid to quell the anger over her acquittal, however, Salvini has pledged to help her.

Commenting on Bibi’s case he said: “I want women and children whose lives are at risk to be able to have a secure future, in our country or in other Western countries, so I will do everything humanly possible to guarantee that.

“It is not permissible that in 2018 someone can risk losing their life for a… hypothesis of blasphemy.”

Salvini also tweeted his support saying: “On the case of we are working discreetly and carefully, along with other Western countries. I will do everything humanly possible to secure a future for this girl.”

Asia Bibi has suffered for almost a decade over this blasphemy case, Salvini is doing the right thing in trying to protect her.