Salvini leads Eurosceptic alliance into EU elections

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini held a gathering of Eurosceptic parties in Italy this week, with the European Elections fast approaching in May.

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A press conference in Milan this week saw Salvini share the stage with the Chairman of Germany’s AFD Jörg Meuthen plus the Danish People’s Party and the Finns Party.

In a clear message to the EU establishment, Salvini said: “We’re working for a new European dream. Today for many citizens and peoples, the European Union represents a nightmare.”

Salvini also told reporters that: “We are at the front of this European wave. It will cover the continent.”

Parties that oppose EU centralisation and weak borders are set to make big gains at the latest round of elections to the European Parliament. Salvini’s Lega party alone have been forecast to surge from just 6 MEPs to nearly 30.

With support for exiting the EU now hitting 40% in France, and a Dutch anti-EU party now leading in the polls, Eurosceptic forces are on the rise in virtually every European country.