Salvini: Italy shut to NGO migrant boats all summer

Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has continued his rapid push for a much tougher border policy, now shutting the country to migrant ships all summer.

Already the Italians have stopped NGO boats from docking – and the policy is set to be extended.

Speaking on Italian radio, Salvini said: “The NGOs will only see Italy on a postcard.

“The ports will be closed all summer.

“As the Italian military tells me as well as the Libyans, the NGOs help traffickers, consciously or not.”

He went on to say that: “Foreign NGOs, with foreign crews, flying a foreign flag and financed by foreign institutions will no longer step foot in Italy.”

After a soft touch approach to illegal immigration for years, the likes of Salvini are finally bringing a tougher approach to the situation. Controls are finally being put in place – expect Salvini’s popularity to continue to surge.