Salvini calls for snap election in Italy

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini is upping the ante in his country, demanding an election as his coalition with the Five Star Movement breaks down.

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Salvini’s Lega has split with the Five Star most recently on the issue of a Turin to Lyon rail project, with Lega in favour and Five Star attempting to stop it.

Speaking of his contact with the country’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Salvini has been quoted in Italian media as saying: “I reiterated today to Premier Conte that we should go to parliament immediately to acknowledge that the ruling majority no longer exists, as shown by the TAV vote.

“Let’s quickly give the say back to the voters.”

In a statement, Lega have said: “Italy needs certainty and courageous choices. It’s no good continuing with noes, postponements, blocks and rows every day. Every day that passes is a day that is lost.

“As far as we are concerned, the only alternative to this government is giving the word back to the Italian people with new elections.”

A tough stance that has helped to massively reduce levels of illegal immigration into Italy has Salvini’s Lega well ahead in the polls.

In the latest poll they lead the way on 36%, whilst Five Star are polling at half that level with 18% of voters supporting them.