Sadiq Khan absolutely savaged by UKIP Assembly Member David Kurten

Sadiq Khan has been roasted by UKIP London Assembly Member David Kurten, who held the Mayor to account for his hypocritical approach to Donald Trump.

The London Mayor is relentlessly virtue signalling and has previously slagged off Trump on numerous occasions, but of course the Labour Party is embroiled in an anti-Semitism row and Khan said nothing about values when the Crown Prince os Saudi Arabia came to visit.

But Kurten absolutely pinned him to the mast, saying: “You sit in a party that has got large problems with anti-Semitism and tolerates an MP that once retweeted that the victims of abuse in Rotherham should shut their mouths for the sake of diversity. I wouldn’t throw stones when you live in a greenhouse.

“You seem to have a certain personal animosity towards President Trump. He’s coming on a visit to this country. I wonder why you single out one particular head of state for negative comments we have had other heads of state visiting this country.

“We had the head of state of Saudi Arabia visiting this country you said nothing about Saudi Arabia’s policies and culture. You said when you were talking about President Trump that Londoners hold their liberal values of freedom of speech very dear.

“And when you were grandstanding around the world, in France, you said a woman should be allowed to wear whatever she likes. But in Saudi Arabia that’s not the case. When the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia came to visit London you missed an opportunity to stand up for women’s rights and freedom of speech.

“Why do you keep mentioning President Trump but you decide not to say anything about those issues?”

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The cracks are starting to open up for weak Sadiq, London’s premier plastic politician.