Russian 'hostile action' sparks global retaliation from West

Russia has been accused of using cyber-crime around the world in a “hostile action” against the West.

The UK and 3 other countries released statements condemning Russian cyber-crime including attempting to hack into the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and Fifa.

Yesterday the UK Ambassador to the Netherlands accused Russia of attempting to hack the OPCW whilst it was assessing the nerve against used in the Salisbury poisoning incident, saying Russia’s “hostile action… demonstrates complete disregard” to the work of the OPCW.

He continued: “As we know, the OPCW confirmed the UK’s analysis that a Novichok nerve agent was used in the Salisbury attack – which we now know for certain was carried out by serving GRU officers.”

Other accusations include:

  • The US Government said Russia was responsible for targeting its anti-doping agency, Fifa and a US nuclear energy company.
  • Canada also claimed its anti-doping agency had been targeted
  • British officials said the GRU (Russian intelligence) was behind cyber-attacks on Ukranian infrastructure and the US Democratic Party
  • The Netherlands has accused the Russians of targeting an investigation into a Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 which was shot down over Russian-backed rebel areas in Ukraine killing 298.

Jeremy Hunt said in a statement yesterday: “Russia needs to understand that if they continue to flout international law they will be exposed.”

One British official told the BBC: “I imagine Mr. Putin is shouting at one or two people right now.”