Rudd suggests Cabinet have not yet discussed post-Brexit migration policy

Apparently the Cabinet hasn’t even discussed what post-Brexit migration is going to look like. Absurd given this was the number one priority for millions of Leave voters.

Controlling immigration and bringing it down to manageable levels was a key pillar of Brexit. A lot of people are fed up with the crippling pressure mass, uncontrolled migration has put on Britain’s infrastructure.

When they voted for Brexit, many people were voting to take back control of UK borders…but now Amber Rudd has said it hasn’t even been discussed, it appears.

Under questioning from Labour’s Yvette Cooper this morning, Home Secretary Rudd would only say that “we have options that the Prime Minister will be deciding how to take forward” and when asked if there was no discussion in government on what future migration arrangements should be, Rudd admitted that Brexit “negotiations sequenced in a way that hasn’t allowed that debate to take place yet”.

Rudd was pressed on the future migration policy and responded only that: “It is for the Prime Minister to decide that.”

On the lack of urgency, she also said: “The timing for the Immigration Bill has been delayed because the key element of protecting EU citizens in their rights in the UK has now been achieved through the withdrawal agreement which is going to come before Parliament later this year.

“So the urgency that we had before with the white paper, with the Immigration Bill, has to a certain extent been removed.”

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That hardly makes it look like controlling migration is a priority post-Brexit. Get on with it!