Rudd: MPs would block No Deal Brexit

Tory Amber Rudd has claimed she and her MP colleagues would prevent a No Deal from happening. They are getting desperate now.

Speaking on Newsnight Rudd claimed that: “I still think a No Deal will be stopped by the House of Commons.

“I certainly think that a majority in the House of Commons, which yes includes other parties, would assert itself to stop a No Deal.”

Ultra-Remainer Rudd has previously said a second referendum is on the table if the House of Commons does block a No Deal and is on the list of the most anti-democratic MPs in the country who are calling for a second vote but whose constituencies voted to Leave.

The former Home Secretary’s comments come after Theresa May set out her 4 point Brexit plan yesterday including a “temporary” Customs Union.

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If MPs believe they can stop a No Deal and get a second referendum they would be playing with fire. The EU must be grinning with pleasure to hear the UK cannot leave without agreeing to any deal they give us. Remoaners seeking to weaken the UK’s negotiating hand once again.