Right-wing activists banned from UK, jihadists wander back in

Just when you thought Britain’s border system couldn’t get any more ridiculous, right-wing activists are being banned from entering the country while hundreds of jihadis are allowed to wander back in.

Brittany Pettibone, author and alt-right commentator, was held at Luton and then Heathrow Airports along with her partner Martin Sellner. They were then deported, apparently for being members of “a far-right group and intend(s) to incite racial hatred”.

And then it emerged Lauren Southern, a prominent right-wing journalist, was banned from entering the UK at the Calais border, according to her Twitter feed.

So let’s get this straight: these people are dangerous to society, but ISIS fighters who travelled abroad to commit jihad are absolutely fine? Ok. Well that’s just mental, isn’t it?

Around 425 ISIS fighters have been allowed back into Britain, these were declared ‘no longer a national security concern’ by the government.

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