Report: 4 million Brits 'underemployed' due to influx of migrant labour

New research suggests around 4 million Brits can’t find the work they want because of the huge influx in migrant labour.

A Migration Watch UK report claims the employment figures don’t tell the full story, with millions of people wanting to work longer hours or a second job but being stopped from doing so by the abundance of cheap workers in the UK.

The report states: “The present record rates of employment are misleading because they take no account of the underemployed – those who wish to work more hours but cannot find suitable work. This paper points to evidence that the large inflow of migrant labour which has increased the number of foreign-born workers in the UK by 2 million since 2008 may have contributed to continuing high levels of underemployment which could be around 4 million people.

“The evidence suggests that during the downturn employers continued to increase their use of migrant labour while a considerable number of those in the UK-born population lost their jobs and were unable to find new work. Headlines that suggest that there has since been recovery to full employment overlook the evidence that very large numbers of people in the UK, quite possibly as many as 5 million, are still unable to get as much work as they would wish to do.”

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