Remoaners Umunna and Soubry push for 'people's vote' on final Brexit deal

Arch-Remoaners Anna Soubry and Chuka Umunna have launched a push to have a public vote on whether or not to accept the final terms of the Brexit deal.

It’s called ‘People’s Vote’ – basically it’s a second referendum in disguise.

Soubry and Umunna insist this isn’t about blocking Brexit, which is pretty hard to justify!

Soubry said: “If Theresa May gets a good deal, what better validation for it than if the people vote for it?”

Umunna added: “It’s like putting an offer in on a house and the survey says the foundations are terrible. Anyone with any sense would withdraw from the transaction.”

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This is bonkers, what would a vote actually achieve? It seems to be based on the premise that if people aren’t happy with the deal, they’d tell the government to go back to Brussels and renegotiate – well that’s just not going to happen, is it?

It’s a not so subtle way of hoping to stifle Brexit and ultimately overturn it altogether – a shameless disregard for democracy.