Remoaners to march thousands of dogs on Parliament for 'Wooferendum'

A bizarre PR stunt is to be made by Remoaners on Sunday, who claim up to 5,000 dogs will be taken to Parliament in the latest crackers attempt to stop Brexit.

In what is being called a ‘Wooferendum’, hardcore Remain supporters believe using dogs as a protest to Brexit will help achieve a second EU vote.

The organiser of the march, Daniel Elkan, has said: “It might seem barking mad – but it’s not as mad as Brexit.”

They of course have the support of the ever-remoaning Alastair Campbell, who said that Boris Johnson should “fuck off under a bus”.

Labour MP Owen Smith also gave his support in a statement: “We look forward to a great turnout of dogs and people. It’s about to unleash a bit of common sense to end this Brexit madness.”

Let’s hope they clean up after themselves…