Remoaner MPs 'set to push for Brexit to be delayed'

A group of Remoaner MPs are set to mount another push against Brexit, this time by claiming that the country isn’t ready and that the UK’s EU exit must be delayed according to the Huffington Post.

Parliament’s Brexit Select Committee is chaired by Labour’s Hilary Benn and also includes the likes of Stephen Kinnock. They are expected to urge the government to extend the Article 50 process beyond March 2019 – yet another shameless attempt to try and kick the can down the road.

This is all set to come on officially on Sunday morning, with Brexiteers on the Committee like Jacob Rees-Mogg pushing back hard and expected to issue a ‘minority report’ as a counter-balance to the usual pessimistic Remoaner garbage that will be rolled out.

The George Soros-funded ‘Best for Britain’ jumped all over this latest anti-Brexit move of course, as the Remain campaign continues to ignore the referendum vote and blatantly push for another vote as they seek to stop the entire thing.

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Brexiteers should pay attention – there is a clear establishment attempt to stop Brexit.