Remoaner Lammy calls for an independent London

Hardcore Remoaner and London MP David Lammy has called for the nation’s capital to become a “city state”, essentially an autonomous entity separate from the rest of the UK.

Lammy, who has campaigned to overturn the referendum result and block Brexit, now says:

“If Scotland can have another referendum on independence, then why can’t we have a well-overdue debate about London becoming more autonomous and independent from the rest of the country?”

“What has become clear since June is that the Government will not fight London’s corner in the Brexit negotiations. The case for a London city-state has never been stronger. As Sturgeon told the SNP conference: we are not powerless, we can still decide which path we take. If you identify with London’s values, it’s time to fight for them.”

Taking inspiration from the SNP eh? We’re all Brexiteers now…