Remoaner Labour MPs backing EEA don't care about ending free movement of people

Whingebag Labour MPs pushing for Britain to enter into the EEA post-Brexit are just sticking two fingers up to anybody who wants to end free movement of people.

The relentless arrival of EU migrants into Britain was a key factor in the Brexit vote, but the motley crew of Remoaner Europhiles in the Labour Party just don’t care – despite the fact around 70% of Labour constituencies voted to Leave.

Chuka Umunna said: “The only way of realising the objectives set out in the amendment, short of EU membership, is through the UK being part of the European Economic Area, as a minimum.”

Right then Chuka, so ‘as a minimum’, you want to keep free movement of people? That will go down like a cup of cold sick with Brexiteers.

When it comes to the Corbyn leadership they’ve softened though still aren’t backing EEA. A Labour MP told PoliticsHome: “This is about peeling people away from the EEA amendment rather than a big change is position. They are trying to spin it into something it’s not.

“The key point is Jeremy will not support single market membership. No amount of spin or alternative words can hide that.”

Pro-EU Labour MP, Chris Leslie, is also crying into his cup of tea about it all: “The Lords have sent down a golden opportunity for the Commons to actually change the government’s negotiating objectives, and to miss that historic opportunity would be utterly unforgivable and cause widespread dismay across the Labour movement.

“There is a strong likelihood that Jeremy Corbyn’s legacy will be to have facilitated Brexit and dropped the ball on this golden chance to keep the country in the single market, and I find that staggering.”

And the permanently miserable and head-in-the clouds conspiracy theorist, Ben Bradshaw, added: “We must vote for the existing backbench cross-party Lords amendment.”

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These Labour MPs are clearly so far removed from the actual, real-life British public that they can see nothing wrong with essentially blocking Brexit, or having a Brexit in name only. It’s tone deaf and they’ll end up on the wrong side of history. Free movement of people must end with Brexit.