Remainer Rudd would pursue Norway sell-out, open to second referendum

Remainer Amber Rudd is now openly pushing the idea of a Norway-style open border sell-out for the UK.

In an interview with The Times she has backed Theresa May’s deal “an agreement that is a compromise but works”. A sentiment only a Remainer would really share, given that May’s proposal is opposed by virtually every Brexiteer.

If May’s deal is defeated next week as is widely expected however, Rudd backs the Norway option, saying that it “seems plausible not just in terms of the country but in terms of where the MPs are”. There are suggestions that Labour MPs could team up with Tory Remainers to try and ram this through.

On a second referendum, she says: “I can’t understand the hysteria around a People’s Vote if you believe in what you are trying to propose”. Absurd to see a Cabinet Minister openly pushing a second referendum.

And of course if there was another referendum, she would Remain: “I’m not someone who has just changed my mind. If there was another referendum, I think we’re better off in.”


Rudd is the ultimate Remain candidate for Conservative Leader, the opposite of what the Tory grassroots and the country want. If May is ousted, Brexiteers must ensure she doesn’t replace May and ram a Brexit betrayal through Parliament backed by Labour.