Remainer MPs hit out at Leave.EU's Tory Party recruitment drive

Defecting anti-Brexit MPs today hit out at Leave.EU’s recruitment drive for Brexiteers to join the Conservative Party. Why are they so against Leave voters joining?

Sarah Wollaston told a press conference today that Leave.EU are “are changing the Associations and turning the party into a Blukip”.

Meanwhile Anna Soubry highlighted Leave.EU’s Facebook page and attempt to “name and shame” Remainer MPs seeking to hold up and kill off Brexit. These MPs were elected on a manifesto honour the referendum result but all too often want to simply dismiss that statement of fact.

As she pointed out, Brexiteers have been encouraged to join the party and take part in a future leadership election.

The Conservative Party must embrace becoming the Brexiteer Party – that means delivering for the 17.4 million who voted for radical political change and a clean break from the European Union.