Remainer MP Boles quits Tory Association before facing selection meeting

Hardline Remainer MP Nick Boles is disgracefully quitting his local Conservative Association, apparently resigning as a local party member. Though bizarrely he may stay as a Conservative MP if he is allowed to retain the whip. Surely not?

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Boles, who has threatened to resign the whip to oppose an EU exit on WTO terms despite a clear majority of Conservatives backing No Deal, has faced furious local criticism for his hardline stance.

Local Tory Vice-Chairman Cllr Adam Stokes had previously said: “The constituency voted to Leave. He’s putting some blocks in the way by agreeing with the amendments. I’m extremely disappointed he’s taking this action.”

Chairman of Stamford Welland Conservatives, Councillor Robert Foulkes, had called for Boles to be deselected: “We need to make a show where we will not have Nick Boles and deselect him and re-establish the trust with the electorate.”

And now with a selection meeting on the horizon on 28th March, Boles has bottled it, saying: “I am not willing to do what would be necessary to restore a reasonable working relationship with a group of people whose values and views are so much at odds with my own.”

Association Chairman Philip Sagar is furious and has said: “This victim narrative really sickens me. There is no plot. The executive just asked him to make his bloody mind up. The man wants to have his cake and eat it. The idea there is a witch-hunt is nonsense. I always believed he wouldn’t stand again. Now at last he’s told us but only because we forced his hand.”

The Vice-Chairman of the Grantham and Stamford Conservative Association, Martin Hill, has said: “Once again we have been betrayed by our Parliamentary representative.”

In the same constituency former Tory MP Quentin Davies defected to the Labour Party.

The Conservative Party grassroots is massively in favour of Brexit, deal or No Deal. Those trying to block a clean break with the European Union are clearly coming under huge pressure from the membership and activist base. If Boles truly has principles, he should now call a by-election.

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