Remainer Ministers face calls to resign after abstaining on No Deal

A collection of pro-Remain Ministers are facing calls to resign from Conservative MPs, after they disgracefully abstained and defied a three line whip last night. This is truly a government in chaos, Theresa May has completely lost control.

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The Remainer Parliament last night ran rampant, voting to rule out a No Deal Brexit despite leaving on WTO terms having increased public support. A ComRes poll at the weekend found a 14-point lead in favour of No Deal vs. ruling it out. MPs are now hopelessly out of touch with the country.

The senior Ministers who abstained included Greg Clark, Amber Rudd, David Gauke and David Mundell.

Others included Robert Buckland, Alastair Burt, Tobias Ellwood, Richard Harrington, Margot James, Stephen Hammond, Bim Afolami, Anne Milton and Claire Perry.

Brexiteer Tory MP Mark Francois responded last night by saying: “The collective responsibility has disintegrated – you might as well tell the whips to pack up and go home. The government is barely in office.”

Staunch Tory Leaver Andrea Jenkyns told ITV’s Peston that she believes those who failed to vote to keep No Deal on the table should have to leave their government positions: “The Prime Minister should have been firm weeks ago when the Ministers came to her and threatened to resign.

“She should have said give us your pass, leave now.”

Jenkyns also added: “I think him (Greg Clark) and the other Ministers should resign actually.

“Because at the end of the day I resigned from my bag-carrying role.

“I was the first one to resign for Brexit because I believe in the ministerial code that everybody who is part of government should sign up to.

“We’re in this mess because at the top there’s no strong leadership unfortunately.”

Welsh Brexiteer Conservative David Davies said much the same, telling the BBC: “I’m very concerned at the way at which she’s (May) been undermined by members of her Cabinet.

“If these Cabinet members have abstained on a whipped vote they should not be in government.

“They should resign, or be sacked.”

The current situation simply cannot continue. Brexiteer MPs must take back control of the government and the country. Remainers cannot be allowed to bring down Brexit.

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