Remainer Boles faces criticism from own Tory Association

Pro-Remain Tory MP Nick Boles has faced a huge backlash from his local Conservative Association after he threatened to resign the Conservative whip if a clean break from the European Union on WTO terms became government policy.

In a letter published on ConservativeHome this afternoon by the Grantham & Stamford Conservative Association Chairman, Philip Sagar declared that Boles had “gone too far” and revealed his comments had “reignited the calls for his deselection from party members and ex-party members, many of whom have already contacted me”.

The letter continued: “For Nick to fall in line now with the likes of Anna Soubry and threaten (but not in so many words) to potentially bring down the government is not in my view patriotic but is sadly only an act of personal political suicide.”

Boles has remained vehemently opposed to a clean exit from the EU despite 61% of his constituents voting Leave in the 2016 referendum. It is now highly questionable whether he has the confidence of his local Association.

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As Britain ramps up its No Deal preparation, perhaps Nick would be best served resigning his position, triggering a by-election and allowing a true Brexiteer to stand in Lady Thatcher’s home town…