Remain Tory MP Lefroy to stand down before next election

Conservative MP Jeremy Lefroy has penned a letter to his local members informing them of his decision to stand down before the next General Election.

Lefroy, a Remainer at odds with his 57% pro-Leave constituency, backed calls to remain within the Single Market and the Customs Union in the parliamentary indicative votes earlier this year. He went on to vote in favour of Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement.

He is another MP who has talked down the prospect of leaving the EU on WTO terms, telling the Express and Star: “Most of the candidates have said they want to get a deal but some want to leave ‘no deal’ on the table. I don’t necessarily agree with that position but I accept that it is a perfectly valid position to take in a negotiation.

“I hope that whoever is elected leader will strain every sinew to get an agreement.”

Read Lefroy’s letter to his local members in full below: