Rejected asylum seeker sentenced to 11 years after raping woman

A rejected asylum seeker who raped a young woman and made her boyfriend watch has been sentenced to 11 years and 6 months in prison.

Eric X, originally from Ghana, used a tree saw to cut his way into the tent the pair were sleeping in before robbing them and raping the woman in a park in Germany.

He denied the offences, but sperm samples matched with him.

In court he accused the woman of being a prostitute – both his victims are undergoing psychological treatment.

It emerged that just a few days before the vile attack, Eric X had been told he would not be granted asylum in Germany and would be deported to Italy.

Why on earth was he still allowed to roam the streets? What were they hoping he would do – turn himself in at a deportation centre? This epitomises everything that’s wrong with the EU’s migration policy.