Rejected asylum seeker killed woman in front of her kids because she converted to Christianity

A failed asylum seeker in Germany stabbed a woman to death in front of her young children because she converted to Christianity from Islam.

The Afghan man, who hasn’t been named, has his asylum claim rejected, but was still wandering around Germany, free to slaughter a woman in front of her kids.

In fact, reports say he acted out of frustration at his impending deportation.

The victim’s oldest son told reporters that he hoped the accused would “receive the punishment he deserved” and not be sent back to Afghanistan, where he would be “celebrated for what he had done”.

Failing to deport rejected asylum seekers is a monumental security risk, in fact, they have gone on to commit acts of terror in Germany, Finland and Sweden.

This is what happens when you have a non-existent border policy and an incompetent asylum system. It endangers lives – EU leaders have a lot to answer for.