Reid: A reasoned view on switching from Remain to Leave

Jonny Reid is a Conservative-supporting 2016 Remain voter who works in financial services. Here he explains why he would now vote for Brexit.

I have always had a keen interest in politics and am currently a Conservative Party member, joining the party in October 2016. Since the boom of political debate on Twitter this interest has grown, where every aspect of the political debate is at your finger-tips. For better (or as some would say worse), I would categorise myself as being more politically aware than most.

Prior to the referendum in June 2016, I was a strong Remain voter. I never had the feeling of disenchantment of many relating to the impact of EU migration nor a particular dislike of the EU and its Institutions. I was of the view that the economic impact wasn’t worth the upheaval.

Since the result this view has significantly changed. The damage to democracy in this country would be immeasurable if we do not deliver on the result that over 17.4 million people voted for. Cameron, Osborne and all, were clear that this meant we leave the Customs Union and Single Market, ended Freedom of Movement and outside of the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. I do not accept the ambiguity argument by the Remain side.

I am now very strong in my view that we should leave the EU and there are a number of key players that have strengthened this view:

Entrenched Remainers: Whether these are MPs, business figures or Match of the Day presenters.

I do not accept their notion that the UK will drop off a cliff and be cast into darkness. If a No Deal Brexit happened there is likely to be a period of adjustment, but beyond that most things would return to normal or as best like for like. People were not duped by slogans on buses or other such campaign tools. In an election, both sides do all they can to win and the counter-argument is the government spending public money for Remain campaign leaflets to every home.

Additionally, the procedural parliamentary tricks attempted by MPs like Dominic Grieve and Yvette Cooper to frustrate the delivery of Brexit only highlight to normal people, the Remain establishment’s push to stop leaving the EU at all costs. Thankfully with the help of enough Labour MPs in Leave voting constituencies these attempts were defeated for now. I and I hope many others saw them for what they were.

EU Intransigence and Arrogance: We see unelected, red wine-stained characters like Juncker insulting our Prime Minister (however hapless May has been) and Donald Tusk’s latest outburst and it solidifies the view that we are best out of this Institution. I see a crumbling empire, trying to hold onto its power base, with many countries in or heading towards recession and the rise of far-right populism. The EU has many problems which a No Deal with the UK would only exacerbate. It is ideological purity vs. economic pragmatism.

I support a deal but not at the expense of failing to deliver what was promised. This means we must be out of the Single Market and Customs Union and end freedom of movement. I may have been late to the party but I am a Leaver now.