Record numbers of skyscrapers to be built in London in 2019

In more terrific signs of confidence in Brexit Britain moving forward, 2019 is set to see more skyscrapers built in London than any other year on record.

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Homes and Property report that “76 buildings of 20 storeys or more are scheduled to be completed by the end of December”, meaning more new towers in the capital in 2019 than any other year in London’s history. The analysis comes from New London Archiecture and GL Hearn’s annual London Tall Buildings Survey.

That’s more than three times the total number completed in 2018. Despite the Remainstream media anti-Brexit sulking, the UK is moving forward confidently.

Out of London’s 33 local authority areas, 19 are seeing at least one new tower completed.

The total number of towards, counting those from pre-planning stage to those completed, was also at a record-high 541 at the end of 2018.

A record 121 buildings are under construction, an increase from the 115 in 2017.

Outside of the pro-EU mainstream media bubble, there is great optimism. Master Investor found 51% of private UK investors view Brexit as an opportunity and 86% say that they have a confident investment outlook moving forward.

Meanwhile a survey of UK CEOs in January that found 61% of business leaders expecting to increase headcount in 2019, up from 54% the previous year.

And in January, the UK also recorded the largest budget surplus since 1993, whilst employment rate numbers are the strongest they’ve been since the 1970s.

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